Moresi #1 Recomplete -UPDATE

15. februar 2021: Moresi #1 Recomplete -UPDATE


The C&S moved into the field on Monday and rigged up on the Moresi #3 Salt Water Disposal.  This was part of the AFE costs, to clean out the M#3 SWD before recompleting the Moresi #1 well.  The Moresi #3 was plugged with sand and to unload the Moresi #1 our SWD needs to be fully operational.

Today we are going in the hole with the Packer after adding perforations on the Moresi #3.  As of this writing I am waiting on the Daily Report to send out.  The office is closing at noon today.  The Rig will shut down later today and not resume work until after the sub-freezing weather passes.  The crew can work under these conditions but travel time on highways poses a safety threat for these men to get to work.

Attached is a few phots of the rig as it is set up on the Moresi #3 well.    The first photo is a snapshot of the surrounding area coming into the field,  second photo is a picture of rig and crew working in the rain, and the third picture shows the Wireline truck that carries a reel of cable that is run in the hole with a perforating gun to add perforations to the salt water disposal well.