Opdatering fra G&F Oil vedr. Ritchie projekterne

25. juni 2020: Opdatering fra G&F Oil vedr. Ritchie projekterne

A quick update – Not much change on the Ritchie 1 – still making about 1 bbl of oil per week and 20-25 mcf/day gas. Hopefully we will get a better price for our gas so we can at least break even. We got the Ritchie Water Flood wells up to 3-4 bbls/day oil and about 10 bbls/day water. We will be close but I think we will sell our first load of oil this month. We are not making enough gas to sell. We did get the water supply well going and are starting to put more water into the zone. 10 bbls/day of water is not enough to do any good in this zone water flood wise. We still have some electrical issues with the water well but we are able to run it some.